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Cosmetic Wax From Microalgae

Inventors: Christopher M. Reddy, Gregory W. O’Neil
Publication No. WO2017087539A1

Overview: There is a growing demand for green cosmetics and personal care products that perform as well or better than non-natural ingredients, are non-fossil-fuel derived and are environmentally sustainable. As a growing, competitive market – natural cosmetics and personal care companies are constantly sourcing new, patented ingredients for their product lines. Waxes are commonly used as structuring agents, thickeners, and emollients in such products. Although natural waxes exist on the market – none are ocean-derived, despite a growing trend in marine cosmetics.

Technology: Natural, Vegan, Algal-derived wax for use in personal care products. Long hydrocarbon chain alkenones (i.e., 36-40 carbons), from an industrially produced microalgae, Isochrysis, produces wax suitable for use in personal care products. The wax is a viable alternative to microcrystalline, ozokerite, jojoba, and candelilla wax, among others. The wax has potential applications in lipstick, sunscreen, and antiperspirant among other personal care products. It is the only marine-derived cosmetic wax.


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