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Multimodal Environmental Impact Monitor

Inventors: Paul Fucile, Glenn McDonald, and Edward Hobart
Publication No: US9395338 B2

Overview: Outdoor installation of mechanical equipment can negatively impact the environment with noise, vibrations, and light or shadows. Technologies to assess impact across these modalities tend to be uni-modal, handheld, weather-intolerant, and unable to take persistent, calibrated, time-stamped readings.  The Multi-modal Environmental Impact Monitor evaluates simultaneous moment to moment impact status of a variety of modalities and often feedback control of equipment based on environmental conditions.

Technology:  A fully integrated solid state sensor package for temporary or permanent field installation. The sturdy all-weather instrument package simultaneously and continuously measures ground-coupled vibration, optical changes (shadow and flicker), and low frequency (infrasonic) acoustic emissions. Additionally, MIME incorporates a control functionality, utilizing its precise measurements to optimize turbine performance and energy output. Each unit has onboard data storage capability, USB output, and networking capability. Data is recorded in a uniform and traceable monitoring protocol for the production of a reliable standardized data set. Typical installations include placement of one or more units at critical locations near terrestrial wind turbines or near transportation centers (e.g. airports, rail-yards, highways). Potential markets include Wind Energy, Environmental Regulation, Protection, Litigation, and City and Facility Planning.

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