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Portable Marine Winch Turntable

Large Turntable2

Inventors: James Haley and Joshua Eaton
Patent No. US10,683,196 B2

Overview: Marine winches require secure placement to handle wave action and heavy loads. They are generally secured using custom fabricated plates welded to the ship's deck. However, fixation to the deck reduces a winches adaptability. Turntable are currently being used in a limited capacity but their components limit placement. This versatile winch mounting system can: accommodate a variety of winches, eliminate the need for custom fabricated base plates, relieve weight limitations, occupy less space, be removed easily, and allow for precise and effortless rotation.

Technology: A portable turntable has been designed and fabricated for securely mounting a marine winch to a ship's deck. The turntable allows for easy and precise rotation by hand and locks into place at a specific position. It can accommodate multiple winch types and is easily adjusted to suit any winch. It's portability and size increase the number of potential locations on deck where the turntable can be mounted while still achieving useful direction and optimal fleet angle. The turntable is simple to install on a platform using removable fasteners and can easily be repositioned elsewhere.


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