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AUV SUPR Sampler

Inventors: Annette Govindarajan, Jesus Pineda, Michael Purcell, John Breier

UntitledOverview: There is a crucial need for autonomous larval sampling that can respond to environmental sensors to provide an adaptive sampling. The SUPR-REMUS incorporates a high-volume in situ sampling system with an autonomous underwater vehicle to collect samples at various depths and over specified distances while providing information on a variety of environmental parameters such as temperature, salinity, circulation. Samples may be immediately preserved within the system for later genetic analysis.

Technology: The system employs the highly adaptive REMUS vehicle to autonomously navigate a programmed trajectory through the water column and rapidly capture discrete samples of microorganisms and particles using a modifiable filtration mechanism. Each sample is sealed and may be preserved with a preservative if desired. Environmental parameters are concurrently measured at the time of sampling to provide a highly comprehensive representation of the sample state.


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