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Accelerating the Impact of WHOI Innovations

Express License for WHOI Founders

Founding a company is one way to commercialize research-derived innovations. The Office for Technology Transfer aims to support WHOI inventors and entrepreneurs in starting businesses based on intellectual property (IP) from the WHOI ecosystem. As part of this effort, the institution has developed an Express Template License for WHOI inventors, providing an expedited and transparent pathway to licensing.

Benefits for the Express License

Startup and investor-friendly terms

Low up-front costs

Deferred payments

Fast-track process

Key Licensing Terms

Worldwide exclusivity (in a specified field)

Choice of License format:

  • Royalty-based without Equity, or
  • Equity with a reduced Royalty rate

$500 Upfront License Fee

$10k of Patents Costs are waived, with the balance deferred

You may qualify for the express license if:

  • You are a WHOI employee 
  • Your startup company is based on WHOI IP 
  • You are an inventor of the WHOI IP
  • The IP is solely-owned by WHOI (not by another institution, individual, or company)

There may be additional considerations related to IP ownership, other inventors, other licensing interest etc. - we would encourage you to come speak with OTT if you have questions on eligibility so we can best advise you.

Streamlined Process
What happens if I don’t qualify for the WHOI Express License?

The Express Template License is not the only avenue for licensing technology from WHOI. Please come speak with OTT so we can discuss your particular situation, the associated IP, and licensing options.

What if the IP is jointly owned with another institution—can I still qualify for the Express License?

Please come talk to OTT. This will depend on the licensing and IP arrangement with the other institution, company, or individual.

Can the Express License be used for licensing software innovations?

The current version of the Express Template License is not intended for licensing software. However, if you are interested in founding a software-based WHOI spinout company, please contact OTT. We will work with you to structure a license that supports your particular business plans.

Can previous licenses with a company with a WHOI Founder be re-negotiated?

Previously executed licenses cannot be re-negotiated.

Can I request changes to the Express Template License?

By using pre-determined startup-friendly terms, the Express Template License saves the time and

expense of protracted negotiations. These terms have been vetted as both fair and investible for

academic spinout companies. WHOI is willing to enter into negotiations if a startup feels it needs

changes to the agreement, but this will extend the process. In addition, the institution will seek

standard market-rate terms & fee structures, which are less favorable.

Ready to get started?

Start the process by setting up an introductory call with a member of the OTT team.

When meeting with OTT to start the Express License process, OTT will provide the Express License term sheet, walk you through key terms, and answer any questions you may have.