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Adaptive Aquaculture Feeder

Inventor: Yogesh Girdhar
Intellectual Property: Pending Patent

Overview: Offshore freestanding aquaculture farms are increasing in popularity due to their benefits compared to static, nearshore farms. However, manual upkeep and monitoring costs make these farms expensive to maintain. Therefore, one of the most significant market drivers in the offshore aquaculture industry is the development of precision aquaculture, using sensors and innovative technology to monitor farm environments. The gathered information helps optimize fish health and growth and reduce overall risks. One opportunity for improvement is efficient feeding, reducing wasted food, and overall operating costs.

Technology: The Aquaculture Smart Feeder is a vision-based feed tracking system. The system monitors fish pre- and post-satiation, automatically characterizing fish behavior and size and adapting feed schedules depending on the conditions detected. The Aquaculture Smart Feeder allows for unsupervised monitoring and can take the risk and guesswork out of feeding and monitoring—ultimately saving time and money.


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