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WHOI scientists discuss plastic pollution and academia-industry partnerships in new article

Plastic bag on beach in Falmouth

In a new article on, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Associate Scientist Collin Ward, Senior Scientist Chris Reddy, and partners from Eastman Chemical Company discuss how academia-industry partnerships could help overcome challenges in controlling plastic pollution and transitioning away from conventional plastics. Ward, Reddy, and Eastman share insights from their ongoing partnership and how expertise from…

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Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Project Looks at Pulling Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere

Scientists are looking at a technique known as ocean alkalinity enhancement, or OAE, as a potential way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Natural Wax Holds Promise to Replace Petroleum in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Western Washington University Sign License Agreement for Upwell Cosmetics to Make and Market a Marine Microalga-Derived Wax Woods Hole, Mass. — A wax that is derived from a commonly grown marine microalga could be the next big thing in cosmetics and personal care products, thanks to a recent license agreement…

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