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CHANOS Marine Carbonate Detection Instrument


Inventors: Aleck Wang and Frederick Sonnichsen
Publication No. US 2015/0346178 A1

Overview: Carbon dioxide levels in ocean water are directly affected by atmospheric levels. Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are acidifying the ocean and affecting marine chemistry and ecosystems. Precise and accurate determination of marine carbon dioxide system is essential to studying the marine carbon cycle and ocean acidification. An accurate measurement is obtained through simultaneous measurement of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and ocean pH.

Technology: The Channelized Optical System (CHANOS) uses a modular design that is capable of making simultaneous spectrophotometric measurements of seawater DIC and pH. The compact system contains two chambers, one for DIC measurement and one for the pH measurement, as well as pumps to control the flow into these chambers. A separate housing contains all the controlling electronics, light sources and optical detection systems. The system can obtain near-continuous (12 sec) simultaneous measurements of both pH and DIC. CHANOS is versatile and suitable for deployment on mobile and stationary platforms, such as buoys, profilers, AUVs, and ROVs.

CHANOS (CHANnelized Optical System)


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