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Emerging Entrepreneurship in Science Talk on 3/20

Join the Office for Technology Transfer in celebrating the value of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation!

The Office for Technology Transfer (OTT) is excited to bring to the WHOI community a new talk series, “Pioneering Minds: Unleashing the Potential of Women Innovators and Entrepreneurs,” showcasing innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in science, engineering, industry, conservation, and biotech.

40% of STEM degree holders are women, yet only 21% of patents have at least one woman inventor. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Association for University Technology Managers (AUTM) predict a 50-79-year timeline for equality in innovation. In this era of unprecedented environmental change, we cannot afford to wait. Let’s work together to unleash the potential in all of us and build the inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem needed to meet the challenges ahead.

The first talk in this series is a Women’s History Month event co-sponsored by WHOI’s WoGeMS Group (formerly known as the Women’s Committee), which will be held on Wednesday, March 20th, in person in the WHOI Redfield Auditorium and virtually, from 2-3 pm.

WHOI scientist and emerging entrepreneur Anne Cohen is the creator of DigitalReefs., a first-of-its-kind platform that transforms scientific data into practical tools for global stakeholders, enhancing coral reef conservation.

Join us as Anne shares her journey, emphasizing why WHOI is the perfect launchpad for innovative thinkers and problem-solvers. Celebrate the substantial impact of WHOI’s diverse inventors and entrepreneurs propelling innovation.

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