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New Mentor Opportunity

OTT is looking for experienced business professionals to help mentor WHOI Scientists and Engineers.

Each September OTT hosts a Shark Tank competition – also called the Translational Research Funding Program (TRFP). The objective of the TRFP is to provide internal funding for the production of commercial prototypes for gathering market relevant data for commercially promising technologies. Applicants are required to make a pitch on their technology to a panel of experienced business professionals, and the winning team is awarded money to advance their technology. Awardees must meet their promised milestones in order to be eligible to apply again the following year.

Our experience in the last two years has indicated Shark Tank applicants could benefit from a better understanding of the value proposition and market opportunity associated with their technology. In order to improve the competitiveness of every pitch – OTT will be revising the application process for 2017. Under the new procedure, Inventors will need to submit a preliminary checklist application form well in advance of the final deadline. The checklist will be used to match applicants with Mentors and to help assess market potential. Applicants will be provided with a template for their pitch presentation, and Mentors are expected to assist with basic market research for their technology, and to polish the pitch.

OTT Mentors Rusty Warren and Stan Kovall are coordinating the Shark Tank 2017 process revision and are currently looking for Mentors interested in assisting with pitch presentations & market research. Volunteers will need to be registered Mentors & Champions via our website and have provided an up-to-date resume. Interested Mentors will be required to attend a Mentor training session where we will go over the TRFP, as well as help Mentors to better understand WHOI’s unique culture.

If you are interested please register to be a mentor via the online form.
If you are already a registered Mentor – no need to re-apply- we have your resume on file. Feel free to send a brief email to stating your specific interest in the Shark Tank. 

Future opportunities will be announced here as they arise. Subscribe at the bottom right of the news & events page to receive news & updates from WHOI OTT.