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ROV Lifting Tether

Inventors: Robert McCabe, Andrew Bowen, and Matthew Heintz

NHTG2_PosterV23Overview: ROV tethers' diameters increase with the load-bearing weight to support launch and recovery operations. Increasing the tether diameter requires larger equipment on the surface platform, i.e., larger winches. The larger equipment takes up valuable deck space and increases the on-deck footprint. Additionally, larger tethers can degrade ROV performance; larger tethers add drag to the ROVs, consume more power, and restrict ROV movement.

Technology: The ROV Lifting Tether is a lightweight, flexible marine tether designed to enhance load-carrying capabilities while supporting a minimized tether diameter to limit the on-deck footprint. In addition to data supplying, the Lifting Tether improves load-bearing capabilities by encompassing the cable in a light sleeve; this provides additional weight support during launch and recovery operations. Furthermore, the decreased size allows the tether to manage torsional forces and minimize the pull on the ROV. Thus, the ROV Lifting Tether combines the simplification of a small, lightweight tether and the required strength to launch, manage, and recover valuable ROVs in deep-sea missions.


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Intellectual Property

  • "Mechanical tether system for a submersible vehicle" Publication No. US9463849 B2

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