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WHOI Announces Issued Patent for Innovative Wind Turbine Monitor

WHOI announces the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,395,338 for self-regulating terrestrial turbine control through environmental sensing. Wind energy is a widespread clean alternative to energy from fossil fuels. The increasing number of wind turbine installations highlights the need for comprehensive consistent environmental data, and the ability to instantaneously regulate the operation of wind turbines…

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Newly Issued Patents

Optical Communication Systems and Methods Norm Farr, John Ware, Cliff Pontbriand Patent No. 9,231,708 Issued: 01/05/2016 Marine Environment Antifouling System and Methods Norm Farr, Cliff Pontbriand, Tim Peters Patent No. 9,235,048 Issued: 01/12/2016 Cobalamin Acquisition Protein and Use Thereof  Mak Saito, Erin Bertrand Patent No. 9,234,012 Issued 01/12/2016 Optical Communication Systems and Methods Norm Farr, Lee…

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