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Interview with WHOI OTT: IP Basics

Intellectual property (IP) is an essential tool for research and development, especially for early-stage, high-risk technologies. Additionally, it can be a strategic business tool to gain marketposition and maintain product or process exclusivity. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneuror a first-time inventor, understanding IP can help effectively manage the technology throughoutthe development and commercialization processes.…

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New Entrepreneur-in-Residence Joins WHOI Tech Transfer

The Office for Technology Transfer (OTT) is excited to welcome our new Entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR), Michael Hard, to WHOI. Michael will be joining OTT through December 2024. We look forward to having Michael on board to help and guide WHOI innovators and entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Michael brings 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur,…

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