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Compact Marine Winch

Inventors: James Haley and Joshua Eaton
Publication No. WO2017024093A1

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Overview: Commercial and research operations require winches for hauling and retrieval in marine environments. Their many applications make them valuable, and often necessary, pieces of equipment. Currently available marine winches have large on-deck footprints, are difficult to service, are single purpose, require costly task-specific fabrications, and are immobile once installed on deck.

Technology: This lightweight, compact winch is a small footprint, frameless winch adaptable for a variety of marine applications. The winch is capable of hauling and supporting heavier loads, all while being lighter than traditional winch designs. The motor assembly is housed within the horizontal cable-storage drum and is easily removed from the drum without dismantling the winch. The level-wind is positioned above the drum as opposed to in front of the drum, reducing wind load pressure, allowing the level wind to be made of lighter materials, and further minimizing the winch footprint.


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