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De-Salination Source Location Technology

Inventor: Matt Charette
Publication No. US7997148 B2

Overview: Quality and availability of freshwater resources can be limited as coastal populations increase. Desalination is an effective way to generate freshwater supplies for coastal communities however, the process is expensive and it is difficult to effectively locate and harvest coastal groundwater as the supply source. Effectively locating coastal groundwater sources for desalination could lead to more efficient and cost-effective desalination processes.

Technology: This technology uses a network of seepage meters to intercept submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) to identify likely water sources in estuaries and other candidate locations and measuring the potential yield for generating potable water. A dye-dilution seepage meter tests groundwater flows by monitoring changes in the absorbance of the dye. In areas of suspected SGD, the meters can be deployed to automatically quantify the potential yield and quality (e.g. salt content) of the resource and provide data in real-time. Changes in results over time provide guidance to local or regional authorities for best management practices and optimize the use of submarine ground water.


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