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High-Compliance Stretchable Mooring


Inventors: Walter Paul and Donald B. Peters
Publication No. US8867315 B2US8279714 B2

Overview: This system enables oceanographic surface buoy mooring systems to detect and monitor underwater noise at most sea state and weather conditions. In particular, the mooring system can support a hydrophone or other underwater listening devices connected to a surface buoy located at deep sea position which includes an expandable tether cable/hose that reduces noise generated underwater when the buoy moves in response to waves and weather.

Technology: The mooring system is able to stretch at least 2.5X its length and is neutrally buoyant to prevent noise disruption to any underwater listening devices. Additionally, the system uses a combination of nylon-jacketed steel wire rope, various types of synthetic line, electromechanical (EM) cable with copper conductors and optical fibers. Steel wire rope can be used not only for strength and resistance to fish-bite but also for inductive telemetry of data from moored instrument packages.