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Nereid HT Hybrid ROV


Inventors: Andrew Bowen

Overview: Submersible vehicles use tethers to carry power and communicate, but these tethers can place a significant burden on vehicles as well as at-sea logistics, as undersea robotics reach greater depths. Removing dependence on traditional tethers and creating more versatile, lightweight hybrid ROVs/ AUVs reduces the on-board winch footprint which in turn eliminates the need for tenders with dynamic positioning capabilities, creates the opportunity for use of smaller vessels, and allows for deep-water operations from less-costly platforms.

Technology: Nereid HT is a hybrid light work class ROV with the ability to switch seamlessly between a traditional tether cable, fiber optic line, innovative lift tether, and a combined acoustic/optic wireless modem. Hybridization of tethering allows vehicles to operate both at extreme depths (up to 11,000 m) and extreme horizontal distance from surface vessels (under ice). Nereid HT is equipped with real-time visual and acoustic imaging via a high resolution camera for full HD underwater video. Its seven-function manipulator arm allows for scientific sample collection ad object manipulation.


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