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Underwater Optical Range and Time Estimation

Inventors: Léo-Paul Pelletier
Intellectual Property: Patent Pending

Overview: Instruments and platforms deployed underwater require precise and accurate time synchronization for positioning, location, and obtaining measurements. However, time-based measurements for positioning and localization are difficult to obtain during underwater operations due to the lack of GPS and satellite connections, frequently relying on alternative methods, including optical communications systems. Underwater optical communication systems can face many challenges when accurately delivering time localizations because the water can distort signals and can create difficulty employing precise localization status.

Technology: The Underwater Optical Range and Time Estimation system integrates a custom, low-cost integrated solution to deliver accurate timestamps to deployed instruments and vehicles. Implementing high-angle optical communications enables a faster link acquisition time. The system emits minimal interference with optical data transfer abilities, unlike other commercially available optical synchronization devices. This ability allows for longer deployment lengths for underwater vehicles and extends practical OBS deployments by potentially years.


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Intellectual Property

  • Patent Pending