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Wave Inertial Measurement Sensor (WIMS)

Inventor: Alex Ekholm

Overview: Wave sensors help determine waves' size, shape, and speed over time. Activities like weather forecasting, climate monitoring, hurricane monitoring, developing ship routes, and understanding the impacts for offshore industries rely on those measurements in day-to-day functions. The most common method of movement measurement is with an inertial measurement unit. However, IMU-based measurement devices are not small and require controllers to operate efficiently.

Technology: The Wave Inertial Measurement Sensor (WIMS) is a low-cost, low power consumption device measuring wave motion, height, period, and direction. Composed of an IMU, activator, and digital controller, WIMS can easily be incorporated in or on marine floats - connecting to the float's power source, positioning mechanism, and communications source. Additionally, the sensor has a low-power shut-off system, which allows the device to be powered down or off while the float is submerged and can conserve energy for longer surveying times.



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