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WHOI Hosts Governor Baker for June Technology Showcase

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and U.S. Representative Bill Keating recently visited WHOI for a blue economy briefing and technology showcase. Two WHOI Tech Transfer Translational Research Fund awardees took part in the showcase: Ben Vay Mooy, Paul Fucile, and Glenn McDonald’s AutoBOD Real-Time Biological Oxygen Demand Sensor and Jim Partan and Keenan Ball’s Ropeless Fishing Technology.

Both groups had the opportunity to discuss their technologies with Governor Baker and Representative Keating.

WHOI Scientist Ben Van Mooy discusses AutoBOD Wastewater Treatment Technology with Representative Keating

AutoBOD1 carousel with optode technology for real time B.O.D. measurement and process control for wastewater treatment

Pictured Left: WHOI Engineer Paul Fucile chats with Representative Bill Keating about AutoBOD technology. Pictured Right: WHOI Scientist Ben Van Mooy speaks with Governor Charlie Baker.


WHOI Engineers Jim Partan and Keenan Ball discuss their Ropeless Fishing technology (part of which is pictured center). This system secures vertical lines on the seafloor until released by timer or command, preventing whale entanglement and the closing of lucrative fishing areas.

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(Photos: Allison Nangle, WHOI)


To learn more about these and other WHOI technologies, please visit Licensing Opportunities