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Aquaculture & Natural Products

Aquaculture Smart Feeder

The Aquaculture Smart Feeder is a vision-based feed tracking system. The system monitors fish pre- and post-satiation, automatically characterizing fish behavior and size and adapting feed schedules depending on the conditions detected.


KelpBot system integration allows for regular maintenance and monitoring without the ongoing expense of using a crewed vessel every time. Kelpbot can use it for consistent, systematic monitoring and rapid deployment in the case of a weather event. Larger areas can be covered more efficiently, allowing for frequent surveying and optimal kelp harvest.

Cosmetic Wax From Microalgae

Alkenone wax is a viable alternative to microcrystalline, ozokerite, jojoba, and candelilla wax, among others. As a result, the wax has potential applications in lipstick, sunscreen, and antiperspirant, among other personal care products, and represents the only known marine-derived cosmetic wax.