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Sensors & Equipment

AutoBOD-2: In-Line, Real-Time Biological Oxygen Demand Sensor

AutoBOD-2 technology brings reagent-free, real-time BOD measurement and process control capability to the wastewater treatment arena, providing data for control of aeration for optimal digestion.

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AutoBOD-1 Real-Time Wastewater Biological Oxygen Demand Sensor

AutoBOD-1, a carousel benchtop commercial prototype designed to replace the current EPA mandated 5-day BOD test, has been developed and is currently in proof of concept studies to validate the underlying technology and garner EPA and customer acceptance.

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Acoustic Telescope

The Acoustic Telescope further expands remote deepwater exploration. The Telescope uses six hydrophones to listen to the ambient sound generated in biological, geophysical, meteorological events, and oceanographic and anthropogenic processes and activities.

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