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Sensors & Equipment

Wave Inertial Measurement Sensor (WIMS)

The Wave Inertial Measurement Sensor (WIMS) is a low-cost, low power consumption device measuring wave motion, height, period, and direction.

Undersea Beacon Deployment

This underwater deployment system holds several transponders entirely by vacuum force which can be individually released to mark a location. Each transponder is configured in weight and dimensions to compensate for any ballast changes which occur in the AUV during deployment

Sonar Calibration System

This sonar calibration method is designed to enable unprecedented flexibility in sonar calibration and provides high accuracy at a low cost.

Smart Tag

Smart Tag is a miniature, long-endurance acoustic tag to be used for tracking a wide variety of marine animals from finfish to whales. The tag has Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) tracking and imaging capability – better suited to unassisted animal tracking than current satellite methods, enabling two-way communication & increased range.

ROV Lifting Tether

The ROV Lifting Tether is a lightweight, flexible marine tether designed to enhance load-carrying capabilities while supporting a minimized tether diameter to limit the on-deck footprint.

Portable Marine Winch Turntable

The Portable Marnie Winch Turntable allows for easy and precise rotation by hand and locks into place at a specific position. It can accommodate multiple winch types and easily adjust to suit any winch.

PHORCYS Marine Biological Oxygen Demand Sensor

A semi-autonomous submersible sensor system that passively samples the water column in situ. The sensor performs real time, direct oxygen consumption measurements for quick turn-around.

Passive Ballast

The Passive Ballast and Semi-Passive Ballast systems take advantage of ambient water pressure to achieve both positive buoyancy while on the surface and neutral buoyancy while submerged, all while requiring no or very little power.

On-Call Buoy

The On-Call Buoy was developed as a “whale-safe” fishing method, an alternative to closing areas, securing vertical lines on the seafloor until released on command. The On-Call Buoy holds the vertical end line on a spool anchored to the seafloor, thereby reducing the risk of entangling whales in the rope.

Dynamic Electric Motor

The Dynamic Electric Motor offers a more efficient power source coupled with noise and weight reduction. The design allows for low voltage operation and eliminates the need for a transmission.

Contaminant Fingerprinting

This technology advances contaminant monitoring by using multidimensional gas chromatography (GC x GC) with mass spectroscopy coupled with a software package to provide a high-resolution contaminant fingerprint analysis of complex mixtures of synthetic organic chemicals, natural products, and/or petroleum hydrocarbons.

Compact Marine Winch

This lightweight, compact winch is a small footprint, frameless winch adaptable for a variety of marine applications. The winch is capable of hauling and supporting heavier loads, all while being lighter than traditional winch designs.