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Technologies Available for Licensing

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Microplastics Detection & Identification

The Microplastics Sensor differentiates between plastic and non-plastic particles in a liquid sample in a real-time, flow-through microplastics sensor. The sensor can make rapid detections in minutes without the possibility of contaminating the sample and has proven potential for development into a real-time, in-situ, low-cost microplastics sensor

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AutoBOD-2: In-Line, Real-Time Biological Oxygen Demand Sensor

AutoBOD-2 technology brings reagent-free, real-time BOD measurement and process control capability to the wastewater treatment arena, providing data for control of aeration for optimal digestion.

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Improved Marine Profiler

A low-drag, flow-aligning profiler that pivots both horizontally and vertically to orient with the incident current flow to minimize drag. Enabling longer deployment times and significantly improved data acquisition.

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CHANOS Marine Carbonate Detection Instrument

The Channelized Optical System (CHANOS) uses a modular design that is capable of making simultaneous spectrophotometric measurements of seawater DIC and pH.

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AutoBOD-1 Real-Time Wastewater Biological Oxygen Demand Sensor

AutoBOD-1, a carousel benchtop commercial prototype designed to replace the current EPA mandated 5-day BOD test, has been developed and is currently in proof of concept studies to validate the underlying technology and garner EPA and customer acceptance.

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Automated Ground Water Seepage & Toxicity Meter

Automated Ground Water Seepage & Toxicity Meter Inventor: Matthew Charette Publication No. US7637168 B2   Overview: Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) can carry nutrients and pollutants into salt marshes, coastal waters, bays, coral reefs and other vulnerable areas potentially leading to environmental problems including eutrophication and the deterioration of the natural ecology. The study of the flow,…

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UV Anti-fouling

UV Anti-fouling Inventors: Norm Farr, Clifford Pontbriand, Timothy PetersPublication No. US9235048 B2 Overview: An improved method using a light source for reducing the bio-fouling and accumulation of biofilms on optically transparent surfaces of marine equipment without manual scrubbing to maintain visual and operational integrity for accurate sensor readings and communications. Technology: This invention uses an LED…

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