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Calling All Entrepreneurs!

The Annual WHOI Pitchathon will take place in October and WHOI Tech Transfer is once again looking for volunteer Business Advisors to assist inventors in putting together the perfect pitch! Each October, WHOI hosts the pitch competition- inviting innovators from around WHOI to pitch their technologies before a panel of judges. WHOI innovators are given 2.5 months to prepare their pitch- working alongside a Business Advisor to help in market research, etc. if they choose, then at the event, given 10 minutes to present their technology. The judges’ favorite(s) will be awarded up to $75,000 in Proof of Concept Funding.

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What We Look For in a Business Advisor:

  • Significant professional experience in business, entrepreneurship, product development, marketing, or another relevant area or industry
  • Willingness and capacity to donate time and share knowledge
  • Passion for teaching in all aspects of the innovation process – from business plan to commercialization
  • Enthusiasm for WHOI innovations and the mission of the Office of Technology Transfer
  • Ability to work independently to support WHOI Innovators in crafting a compelling pitch

Volunteers Should be Prepared to:

  • Attend an introductory meeting & training session (1-2 hours) with the Office for Technology Transfer in July
  • Set aside 10-15 hours of time from July-September to work with a WHOI Innovator(s) on their pitch – this generally involves:
    • Speaking with assigned WHOI Innovator(s) whether by phone, email, or in-person meetings
    • Light market research
    • Editing & providing feedback on pitch presentation (as desired by WHOI Innovator(s))
  • Attend pitch competition in October, if available (optional)
  • At WHOI Innovators request, and Business Advisors agreement, Business Advisor may assist in presenting market opportunity slides during the Pitchathon presentation and/or answering questions from the judges

Volunteers interested in participating are asked to register as a Tech Mentor or Champion and provide an up to date resume. When submitting the web form, please specify interest in participating in this year’s Pitchathon.

If you have participated previously or have previously registered as a Tech Mentor or Champion but not participated, please reach out to Allison Markova if interested.

We will begin reaching out to all those interested in early June.