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Nereid HT: Hybrid ROV/AUV

Nereid HT was recently featured in both Ocean News and Technology and ROV Planet Magazine. Check out the articles to read about the recent trials in Panama.  

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From Oceanus: New Buoy Could Prevent Entanglements

Oceanus recently published an article on Jim Partan and Keenan Ball’s On-Call Buoy, a technology designed to prevent marine mammal entanglement in fishing lines. Ball and Partan are working with the Office for Technology Transfer (OTT) to patent the “On-Call” buoy and OTT  has filed a provisional application. Learn more about the need for this…

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WHOI Looking for Volunteers With Industrial Experience

Several exciting startups are in the works at WHOI! The Office for Technology Transfer needs volunteers to lead these companies to commercial success. We seek product development professionals with commercial leadership experience in hardware, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, or ocean technology. If interested, please send a brief summary of your background- highlighting your industrial experience,…

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