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WHOI engineers invent adjustable, compact marine winch, offering flexibility and improved vessel operations

Woods Hole, MA – Most research operations and missions require winches for hauling and retrieving equipment over the side of ships. A winch is used to hoist items to and from the deck such as nets, vehicles and other scientific equipment. Typically, marine winches in use today have large on-deck footprints, can be difficult to…

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WHOI-ADI Ocean and Climate Innovation Accelerator Awards First Wave of Ocean-Climate Research

The Ocean and Climate Innovation Accelerator (OCIA) has awarded its first wave of projects to develop a more precise understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change. Launched in 2021 by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), OCIA is designed to bring together organizations from various disciplines and areas of…

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and collaborators launch world’s largest kelp map

Woods Hole, MA – Kelp forests provide myriad benefits to nature and people in oceans around the world. They form the backbone of the ecosystems in which they are found, providing habitat and food for thousands of species. However, recent research suggests changing ocean conditions including marine heatwaves linked to climate change have led to…

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