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Renewable Energy

Wave Inertial Measurement Sensor (WIMS)

The Wave Inertial Measurement Sensor (WIMS) is a low-cost, low power consumption device measuring wave motion, height, period, and direction.

Stowable Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The Stowable Vertical Axis Turbine is creating an easily deployable wind turbine to increase wind energy usage across the board. The innovative collapsible design aids mobile usage on land or at sea and can be stowed away when not in use providing optimal advantages for wind energy.

Digital Acoustic Monitoring “DMON Buoy”

The DMON Buoy ensures a quiet acoustic environment for passive acoustic monitoring. The mooring is equipped with the DMON instrument and hydrophone; together, the instruments transmit information about detected sounds to shore by Iridium satellite communications in near real-time.

Autonomous Long-Range Seafloor-Based Cable Navigation and Monitoring

The methodology developed implements AUVs for seafloor cable surveying. By surveying cables with the goal of cable localization, this method and system circumvent the difficulties associated with AUV-based cable-following routines and provides a robust approach to cable localization and characterization that can inform under-sea navigation, providing improved positional accuracy for data acquisition and survey reliability for relevant stakeholders.