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Startup Spotlight: Q+A with ARMADA Marine Robotics, Inc. Founders, Jeff Kaeli, Robin Littlefield, and Rusty Warren

Armada Marine Robotics

In 2017, WHOI engineers Jeff Kaeli and Robin Littlefield entered the WHOI Office for Technology Transfer Pitchathon, intending to win translational funds to advance what was then just an idea, the Asymmetric Thruster. This novel propulsion system, now a patented and demonstrated technology, produces forward thrust – as with a traditional multi-bladed propeller – but…

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Exploration at New Heights and Depths

On average, Mars is about 140 million miles from Earth. The deepest parts of our ocean, called the Hadal Zone, are about 6.8 miles below the surface. At first thought, these places may not seem like they have much in common; but both sites face limitations for exploration and present unique technological challenges. Whether investigating…

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OTT In the News

Check out the Cape Cod Times article on the WHOI OTT Shark Tank (Translational Research Fund) featuring Ropeless Lobster Fishing technology from Jim Partan and Keenan Ball.

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UPDATE- WHOI Looking for Startup Volunteers

UPDATE- WHOI Looking for Startup Volunteers We’ve received a great response from interested startup volunteers! Thank you to everyone that has expressed interest in working with the Office for Technology Transfer. We will be reviewing resumés over the coming weeks as we receive them. We would like to emphasize that at this time we are only…

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WHOI Looking for Startup Volunteers

Several exciting startups are in the works at WHOI! The Office for Technology Transfer is looking for volunteer product development experts with specific experience in hardware, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, or ocean technology to lead newly forming WHOI companies. If interested, please send a brief summary of your background, field(s) of interest, and a resumé…

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Newly Issued Patents

Optical Communication Systems and Methods Norm Farr, John Ware, Cliff Pontbriand Patent No. 9,231,708 Issued: 01/05/2016 Marine Environment Antifouling System and Methods Norm Farr, Cliff Pontbriand, Tim Peters Patent No. 9,235,048 Issued: 01/12/2016 Cobalamin Acquisition Protein and Use Thereof  Mak Saito, Erin Bertrand Patent No. 9,234,012 Issued 01/12/2016 Optical Communication Systems and Methods Norm Farr, Lee…

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