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Cobalamin Aquisition Protein

Inventors: Mak Saito and Erin Bertland
Publication No. US9234012 B2

Overview: A novel set of protein sequences encoding a cobalamin (vitamin B12) acquisition protein (CBA1) present in various marine diatoms. This protein is capable of sequestering vitamin B12, has antimicrobial properties, and can be used in pharmaceutical preparations. Additionally, this protein can be used to genetically modify other organisms to express CBA1 for other generating other organic products such as biofuels. In the laboratory setting, the CBA1 protein can be used in a variety of methods such as purification, separation, and quantification of vitamin B12.

Technology: Multiple nucleic acid sequences of the CBA1 protein have been cloned from several diatoms into inducible or constitutively active vectors to allow controlled expression in other microorganisms. These genetically modified organisms are then capable of sequestering more vitamin B12 from their environment useful for other biological preparations or measurements.


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