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Inventors: Norman Farr, Lee Freitag, James Preisig,Dana R. Yoerger, Sheri N. White, and Alan D. Chave
Publication No. US7953326 B2

UntitledOverview: Acoustic communication has long been used for underwater communication. However, acoustic modems are limited by low-bandwidth and high latency, hindering communication. Optical communication expands the possible communication network in both working distance and communication speed which has become critical for current underwater operations.

Technology: The system provides for an improved underwater omni-directional communication network using optical transmitters and optical receivers that allow high-bandwidth transmission and reception of optical signals underwater and having a range of about 100m and allowing data rates greater than 1 Mbit/s. Using this communication system, multiple modems, underwater vehicles, seafloor observatories, and surface vessels can remain in constant communication which includes video or other high-rate data transfers.


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  • "Systems and methods for underwater optical communication"
    US7953326 B2